Water Spray Nozzle Tester
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Applicable to the product waterproof rating IPX5 water spray test and the IPX6 strong water spray test. For testing automotive lighting, wiper performance, automotive switches, anti-theft device, motorcycle instrumentation, control and other industrial locomotive lock resistant to rain on tests using.

Product Features: 
※ Confirms to: GJB150.8, IEC60529, GB4208, GB2423.38, GB4706, GB/T10485, IEC60034-5, IEC60068-2-68, GB/T4942.1, ISO 20653 and other standards.
※ Waterproof performance tester
※ Set consists of a jet handle that is equipped with a pressure gauge and an easy-to-adjust flow valve.
※ The interchangeable nozzles assemble easily to the jet handle. The nozzles are made from stainless steel.

Specifications & parameters: 
Nozzle diameter: φ6.3mm (IPX5) or φ12.5mm (IPX6)
Rain water pressure: 50 ~ 100KPa (adjustable)
Water Flow: Maximum flow 100L/min, adjustable; stable adjustment may be 
Required to achieve the outlet flow 2.5L/min ± 5% (nozzle diameter 6.3mm), and the flow 100L/min ± 5% (nozzle diameter 12.5mm)
Flow meter: water quantity required to meet the strong
Material: Stainless Steel Brass
Pressure Gauge 0 - 1.6 bar
Valve for water flow regulation and shut off.
Hose connector.
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