Solar PV module circuit testing
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Solar PV module circuit testing

Currently, turn-key system and general test Instrument is main solution method for Solar Cell testing.

If it needs to test the solar cell under maximum output power, most of laboratories only have low-power four-quadrant power supply (also known as:SUM). It has the following functions:

Provide accurately positive and negative voltage

Provide forward and reverse current

Accurately measurement module (DUT:Device under test) voltage and current.

Most of high-precision four-quadrant power supply can only provide 3A current or 20W of continuous power

When we test individual small battery, these maximum current and power are acceptable. However, battery technology is development towards higher efficiency、higher current densities and larger battery sizes, the battery will soon exceed the power output these four-quadrant power supply maximum ratings. Solar module's output is usually more than 50W, and will climb to 300W or higher, which it means that many of the test for the module, it can not be done by the four-quadrant power supply.

In this case, the engineers should be ready with electronic load, DC power, DMM, and data acquisition equipment, including temperature measurement, scanning, conversion and data recording apparatus for a wide operating range for flexible unique test, and to achieve the desired test accuracy. For example, we can use data acquisition system to scan the environment and the temperature of the test module to calibrate the reference battery voltage, and the test needs to be captured in a variety of other test parameters.


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