How to look at the principle of peel strength testing machine test
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  In the course of day-to-day use of the machine, if you doubt it?When the author saw a machine running total interest to want to take a closer look, the operating principle of the machine is intoxicated research.
  Peel strength testing machine that we see today can also be called a universal testing machine, it is the product of the combination of the universal testing machine with mechanical transmission technology, give full play to the electromechanical respective expertise and a large sophisticated testing equipment, can be various materials tensile, compression, bending a number of performance tests, and a wide measuring range, high precision, fast response characteristics.Reliable, high efficiency, real-time display of recording, printing of test data.
  Peel strength testing machine measuring system, drive system, control system, and computers and other structures.Sensors, amplifiers and data processing systems to achieve the measurement, the most common force measuring sensor is a strain gauge type sensor.Called strain gauge sensors, strain gauge, the elastic element and some accessories, some mechanical volume can be turned into the power output of the device.
  Learned from the mechanics of materials under small deformation conditions, a point of an elastic element strain ε elastic element is proportional to the force, but also with the elastic deformation is proportional to.S-type sensor, for example, when the sensor is subjected to tension the role of P, since the surface of the elastic member affixed to the strain gauge, because the strain of the elastic member and the external force P is proportional to the size of the cases, and therefore the strain gauge the access measuring circuit, can By measuring the output voltage, which measured output size.
  Generally, the peel strength test machine sensor output signal is very weak, typically only a few mV, if we direct this signal measurement, it is very difficult, and can not meet the requirements of high-precision measurements.Must therefore be via an amplifier of this weak signal amplification, the amplified signal voltage of up to 10V, this time a signal to an analog signal, the analog signal into a digital signal through the multiplexer and A / D conversion chip, and then data processing, At this point, the force measurement is ended.
  The apparatus has two chuck, connected together through a series of transmission mechanism and a photoelectric encoder mounted on the top of the measuring apparatus, when the distance is changed between the two chucks, to drive the photoelectric encoder of the axis of rotation, photoelectric encoder there will be a pulse signal output.This signal by the microcontroller for processing, the amount of deformation of the sample can be drawn.
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