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Office supplies including office furniture into the desk, boss desk, office chair, office sofa, reception sofa, leisure Tea, rotating chairs, rattan chairs, office screens, computer desk and so a large number.How to judge the quality of these products is perfect to complete the purchase?We need to learn more about the test data.

Also divided into the same test for office furniture are many, such as durability test, compression test, life detection.Test items for different furniture of the same, there are differences in the environmental requirements and sample processing.Each country has laws and regulations and standards used to standardize the furniture production test market, among them the United States, China, Japan, the United Kingdom, France more prevalent.Only related to the tables and chairs impact test standards have seven or eight, for example, GB/T10357, European Standard EN1728, BS4875, BS EN527, BS EN581, BS EN1335, the U.S. standard ANSI BIFMA X5.1.

Large classification of office furniture, simply press the test site to differentiate its category, the benefits of such points clear clearly know the test, which part of the furniture and what test project, for example, we can be divided into tables and chairs, sofa seat the surface hydrostatic load test, the seat surface fatigue testing, the impact of the stability test.

Tables and chairs, sofa seat surface static pressure the load sample test the ability to withstand static load backrest and other parts of the seat surface of tables and chairs, sofas and other furniture, in order to assess the quality of the product.Test method is through the loading block of a certain weight of some of the forces applied vertically downward at the loading point (i.e. seat surface, the backrest position) and maintained for at least 10 seconds.And repeated 10 times.Seat surface fatigue tests by loading pad 950N force and the number of prescribed vertical down repeatedly applied loading point on the seat surface.Loading rate of no more than 40 times per minute.Seat surface impact test refers to a foam on the seat surface, and then placed in a predetermined height of the seat surface impact, its free fall, and shock loading of parts of 10 times each.

Desk impact the stability of the test specimen on the test base surface.In its most unstable deskside center away from the edge inwardly 50mm desktop by loading pad vertically downward the gradual augmentation to a predetermined force value or test piece at least at least a table base ground so far.The test specimen on the base surface.Stopper blocked the specimen most unstable side of the legs.To prevent the test piece in the test mobile.In the center of the edge away from the edge inward 50mm desktop by loading pad vertically downward force of 100N is applied.Meanwhile, a horizontal force is applied to the table in the center of the edge outwardly.Gradually increasing the force to a predetermined value or at least a table base ground so far.

The above tests are usually needed instruments office furniture static load testing machine, office chair repeatedly backrest testing machines , office furniture repeated push-pull testing machine, the chair casters abrasion tester, desk stability test bench, office sofa durability testing machine, office chair sandbags impact testing machine.

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