Masakuni standard mattress durability testing machine parameters and Notes?
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The Bond Standard mattress durability testing machine reference standards: ASTM F1566, BS EN1957, BS EN1725 criteria apply to test mattresses on the long-term repeatability load bearing capacity.Its principle: the simulation of human sleep continue the roll design, loaded the drum horizontally mattress test site with a cylindrical or hexagonal repeated load bearing capacity of the load to test the mattress on the long-term repeatability.
  Standard mattress durability testing machine parameters are as follows:
  Controller: PLC programmable control
  Hexagonal drum length: 36 ± 3in (915 ± 75mm)
  Hexagonal drum Weight: 240 ± 10Lb (109 ± 4.5kg)
  Hexagonal cylinder-to-edge distance: 17 ± 1in (430 ± 25mm)
  Length: 1000mm round drum
  Circular drum Weight: 1400N
  Round drum diameter: 300mm
  Test stroke: ASTM 1566: Max.Mattress width Min.Mattress width of 70% or 38in (965mm), whichever is the smaller value;
  About BS EN 1957: mattresses midline 250mm
  Test speed: 15r/min less (adjustable)
  Machine dimensions: (L x W x H) 280 × 550 × 660mm
  Power: 1 ∮, AC380V, 5kW
  Keep the cleaning of the durability testing machine of the mattress should be noted that , before and after each use application cotton smear machine, in order to keep it clean, in the machine surface of the metal parts to spray once a week (2 hours after injection of anti-rust oil rub net), regular monthly machine transmission parts (screw) filling lubrication (use an ordinary lubricants can be), regularly check the control panel buttons is normal.
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