Multifunctional experimental mold pneumatic chuck alignment device
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Multifunctional experimental mold pneumatic chuck alignment apparatus auxiliary module, when the mechanics series test equipment test and measurement industry specification development and design and integrate a new invention by Bond Testing Equipment Co., Ltd. in accordance with the relevant standards of the mechanical test equipment and technical specifications patent!

Through the alignment device, not only can enhance the standard higher test our products can solve and avoid asymmetry caused by the test mold up and down test true value of the deviation, and efficient and comprehensive upgrade laboratory equipment calibration technology, thus in precision mechanical properties testing equipment, the experimental mold precision device and test platform datum reference point, the positioning of the baseline!

The multifunctional experimental mold pneumatic chuck alignment device using high precision CNC car, grinders, milling machines after the multi-step processing, including the level of flatness up to 0.02mm, roughness Ra <0.4μm, the entire device benchmark station, pneumatic valve, an altimeter, a horizontal measuring instrument, the lift rod, a chuck, a portable blade feet and other main components, and through the apparatus can be accurate experimental die, the experimental module axiality positioning this to the relevant testing machine to provide the most accurate and stable test module and pilot testing device!

The multifunctional experimental mold pneumatic chuck alignment means in addition to having a function of the calibration and positioning, which itself has a level measurement, height adjustment control, the axial positioning and calibration standard tester connection function, therefore multifunctional experiment mold pneumatic chuck alignment device suitable for a variety of series testing machine and material testing machine, and the corresponding extension in special areas and test!

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