The chair backrest functional testing equipment
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The chair backrest functional testing equipment edge before the chair seat static load strength tester and chair seat backrest testing machine fatigue testing machine combine together, widely used in all kinds of chairs, stools seat stability, do pad edge static load intensity, backrest static strength, fatigue strength of the various parts of the test !

Taking into account the special application areas and scope of application of the device, the Masakuni detection equipment Co., Ltd. in the development and design combined with multi-national with ANSI_BIFMA_X5, GB_10357.3, GB_10357.2 and other series related to the technical requirements of the standard, taking into account a variety of testing technical specifications This full-function test equipment in the chair seat backrest manifested through the following features:

1, the device applications, do apply to households, hotels, restaurants, office and other occasions to use a variety of chairs, stools, furniture;

2, the device when tested for its strength and durability test , is not limited to the sample material, structure and process, while having a good different sample size adjustment;

3, the multifunctional test parameters can be set: static pressure value set cycle set holding pressure settings, reset settings, sample fixed adjustment, loading arm and about the height adjustment blocks function;

4, the device uses a special structural materials and anti-corrosion, anti-rust plating coating which has a strong resistance to external interference ability and a good environment for the use of capacity;

5, the chair backrest function test equipment monitoring and control system using smart series PLC programmable logic controller, the control system and control upgrades can be based on customer demand for the actual experiment and write!

6, mechanical and electrical configuration specifications comply with the relevant provisions of GB5226.1-2008 mechanical electrical safety of machinery, electrical equipment, Part 1: General technical conditions ";

More about the chair backrest functional test equipment detailed technical specifications and a chair in front of the seat edge static strength testing, chair seat backrest fatigue testing test project and laboratory equipment, please refer to the product catalog and technical specifications!


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