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Regarding the transport packaging test in the international and domestic, basically have the ISTA 2C of International Safe Transit Association, the NMFTA 181 of the National Motor Freight Traffic Association and the GB4857 of National Standard, and etc.

The main test project has the vibration test, drop test, compression test, impact test and etc. The main purpose of the packaging test is preliminary to guarantee the inner package can be safety to reach the consumer. And further hope is use the less and efficient packaging and protection to achieve the same objective. This will not only greens environmental protection and also reduce the packaging costs.

But many testing equipment is unable to meet the test requirements of the large furniture. There are many furniture companies reflect such problem. Just because of this, our company specially developed this testing equipment for the large furniture. And, the equipment can fully meet the test requirements of the ISTA, NMFTA and GB. The related equipment as follows:
ISTA large drop test machine / Slant impact Desk / vibration test stand / compression tester

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