ASTM D4169 Random vibration Test Atlas configuration for Medical Device Packages
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ASTM D4169 Random vibration Test Atlas configuration for Medical Device Packages


Before discussing the configuration of ASTM D4169 random vibration test atlas for medical device packaging, we will roughly understand what vibration is, the concept, principle, characteristics, vibration types and necessity of sinusoidal vibration and random vibration.

Through relevant physics research and popular science, vibration comes from vehicle suspension system, tires, aircraft turbines, airflow, rails, etc., will exist in the whole packaging transportation circulation process. The frequency range of freight trucks is generally 1Hz~200Hz, and the frequency range of cargo planes is generally 2Hz~300Hz.

In the actual application scenarios and physical phenomena, we know that vibration exists in the whole circulation process of goods transportation. The simulation test of packaging and packaging container is based on the dynamic impact of transport vehicles on the packaging in the circulation process, such as sinusoidal vibration and random vibration:

Among them, sinusoidal vibration is mainly used to find the resonance point in the research and development design stage, and avoid the resonance point in packaging optimization. Random vibration is used to simulate the vibration of packages and containers in the process of actual transportation in the laboratory, which is closer to the vibration harm caused by the actual transportation environment.

In ASTM D4169 random vibration test atlas configuration of medical device packaging, ASTM D4169 gives three intensity truck spectrum, three grade railway spectrum, and three grade air spectrum. In addition, Appendix A of GB/T 4857.23 gives the random vibration power spectral density curve and test time calculation of steel spring damping trucks in some Chinese road transportation. Appendix B gives the random vibration power spectral density curve example of Beijing-Shanghai railway transportation. Appendix C provides acceleration power spectral density curves and data for test in international standards for random vibration, such as ASTM D4728, ASTM D4169, ISTA-3A, ISO 13355, etc.

For more impact test, free drop and impact energy related test and complete test instrument configuration plan required by ASTM D4169-2016 DC13, see Zhengbang's technical plan for more complete medical device testing equipment configuration plan and medical device certification capacity building plan.

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