Automatic EN 12183 Wheelchair tilt fatigue life test machine
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Automatic EN 12183 Wheelchair tilt fatigue life test machine

Automatic tilt EN 12183 wheelchair fatigue life tester is based on the wheelchair tilt Angle of tilt of the fatigue test equipment, the mechanical and electrical automatic control scheme of digital integration calculation software measurement and control system configuration, can online real-time monitoring test status, export of various versions of the test report, can also be used for more than one group and the group of sample synchronization efficiency experiment was carried out.

In ISO7176 international standard system testing, the European standard EN 12183 standard is a set of quality assessment specifications for the European quasi-market only, we meet the test specifications of EN 12183-7.3 test terms, this product has added the road tilt simulation system and ISO7176 standard beneficial test part, It can carry out expansibility test on the basis of meeting the standards of standard testing, and is compatible with ISO international standards on the basis of meeting EN standards, which is very helpful for product research and development, performance research, quality control and other projects.

For more information about the performance of EN 12183, ISO717, GB18029 series standard medical instrument test equipment, please refer to BANG's technical solution.

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