What kind of detection plan does euramerican need of all kinds floor export
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What kind of detection plan does euramerican need of all kinds floor export


Floor industry is a sunrise industry, variety and convenient installation is very fit for Europe and America mainstream consumer market needs, but in the face of increasingly fierce industry competition and consumer market more and more stringent quality requirements, want to have a place in this huge consumer market is very rare.

So how to let your floor can smoothly export Europe and the United States and occupy a place in Europe and the United States this big consumer market?

General enterprises will make efforts from various marketing and advertising, but in fact, the best promotion of products is to win by quality. It means to launch testing programs suitable for their own product characteristics. How to launch testing programs suitable for their own products starts from two aspects:

1. Establish corresponding detection methods and detection schemes from the production materials, components, processes and methods;

2, from the needs of market consumers as the guidance, develop research and development materials, ingredients, formula, technology and methods for supporting inspection

Detection technology and detection scheme.

So of all kinds floor exportation euramerican needs what kind of detection plan, because its involve floor product oneself characteristic, involve the copyright requirement of partial enterprise, and need to combine oneself product to undertake many aspects to consider, reason is not suitable to be elaborated here, specific detection plan sees zheng Bang technical team to introduce about detailed plan.

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