Medical instruments, wheelchairs, accessories, a full set of testing equipment
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Medical instruments, wheelchairs, accessories, a full set of testing equipment

Traditional wheelchair and assistive detection equipment is summarized by parts or individual functions such as:

I. Medical instruments, wheelchairs and accessories

1) Medical device-assisted walking aid detection equipment;

2) Multi-type intelligent electric wheelchair detection equipment;

3) Multi-wheel electric wheelchair intelligent tester;

4) Manual three-wheel and four-wheel wheel chair testing equipment;

5) Frame type, wheel type, desktop multi-functional walking frame detection equipment;

6) Multi-functional testing equipment for elbow crutches and grasping sticks with three or more legs;

7) Adjustable rehabilitation training bed, ordinary fixed rehabilitation training bed, self-supporting auxiliary bed frame comprehensive detection equipment;

8) Rehabilitation training equipment, quadriceps femoris training chair, sports rehabilitation training equipment comprehensive detection equipment;

9) Comprehensive testing equipment and equipment for grasping rod, children's posture correction chair, stool chair (stool);

10) Shower chair, toilet armrest, textiles and their products comprehensive testing equipment;

11) Electric upper limb prosthesis strength and fatigue comprehensive performance testing equipment;

12) Comprehensive testing equipment for prosthesis hip joint and lower limb prosthesis;

13) Modular leg prosthetics, modular hip, knee and thigh prosthetics comprehensive testing equipment;

14) Test instruments and equipment for comprehensive strength and fatigue performance of prosthetic ankle foot devices and foot components;

15) Comprehensive static strength and dynamic performance test equipment for the main structure, auxiliary structure and neck orthosis of lower limbs.

Ii. Traditional equipment list, including:

Static test platform, dynamic test platform, drop test machine

Fatigue resistance test device, wheelchair brake fatigue tester, pendulum impact tester

Seat impact testing machine, hearing aid tester, flame retardant test device, silent shielding room (box)

Test dummy, frame walker loading device, model arm, manual wheel chair static strength test device

Axillary crutch, elbow crutch loading device, into the temperature control box, rain testing machine, obstacle test bench

Ditch width test bench, minimum radius of rotation test bench, power consumption tester

Electric wheel chair controller fatigue testing machine, lower limb prosthetic structural strength testing machine, upper limb prosthetic structural strength testing machine

Prosthetic foot structural strength testing machine, orthotic strength testing machine, joint Angle measuring instrument, rehabilitation bed strength test device


Integrated dynamic fatigue testing machine, sound level meter, wheel chair test lane, speedometer, battery performance automatic detection device

Note: The above is a summary catalogue of the series of testing instruments and equipment for medical devices and rehabilitation products. For details of testing equipment and supporting schemes, please refer to the corresponding project of Bang.

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