Looking forward to GB 18375 standard version and upgraded version of the full prosthesis test program
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Looking forward to GB 18375 standard version and upgraded version of the full prosthesis test program

When it comes to the prospect of GB 18375 standard version and upgraded version of the full prosthesis test program, I will first make a report based on the current basic testing background and the development characteristics of prosthesis products at the present stage for reference.

In the current basic testing background, the lower prosthesis testing standard is currently based on GB 18375-2001 series standard. From Part 1 to Part 8, a series of testing requirements for the lower prosthesis quality assessment are systematically introduced, which is the only main testing basis in the current Chinese standard. Although it has not been updated for many years, However, its detection requirements and key points are still the main reference and basis for the current quality control test, that is, it is also the basis of GB 18375 standard version of the full prosthesis test program.

However, as the prosthesis design, production technology and the advanced productive forces and the comprehensive study of the integration development of interdisciplinary, prosthesis product itself has begun to more highlights the biomechanical performance further to the human body and the infiltration of diversity and integration, which makes the prosthetic products research and development, design and production is also becoming more sophisticated, functional and ergonomic, Therefore, based on the characteristics of the development of artificial limbs, GB 18375 not only needs the standard version of the test kit, but also different institutions, testing units and scientific research institutions should match the upgraded version of the full set of prosthesis test program according to their development goals.

Return to the "outlook for 18375 GB standard and upgrade the prosthetic full test plan" the purpose, based on the introduction and consideration of the rigor and professionalism, not in the shallow, more professional and detailed GB 18375 standard prosthesis full set of test plan and update full set of test solution can be found in the company are the nations prosthetic prosthesis full test plan book.

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