GB 18375 series prosthesis testing equipment, testing machine
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GB 18375 series prosthesis testing equipment, testing machine


GB 18375 series of artificial limb testing equipment and testing machine is a series of instruments and equipment for the systematic testing of artificial limb structural strength, damage, life, fatigue and safety, etc. Throughout the innovation and changes in the artificial limb market in the past 20 years, GB 18375 series prosthesis testing equipment and testing machine is the key point to promote the product development, quality control and market competition of prosthesis.

So GB 18375 series prosthetic detection equipment, testing machine? From GB 18375 series of standards are introduced as follows:

Prosthesis static and destructive testing machine

Prosthetic dynamic fatigue testing machine

Artificial limb overall life and safety performance comprehensive testing machine

Testing machine for comprehensive performance and life of footboard

Ankle joint structural strength and durability testing machine

Artificial limb structural strength testing machine

Synthetic strength and dynamic testing machine for artificial limb auxiliary structure

Ankle foot performance testing machine

Knee buckling structure strength testing machine

Knee lock strength testing machine

Combined with the needs of prosthesis detection performance, project and efficiency, we recommend the above 10 GB 18375 series prosthesis detection equipment and testing machine, more optimized design and mature scheme introduction and quotation, and detailed Zhengbang prosthesis test scheme book.

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