All kinds of resilient floor and laminate floor special testing machine, testing equipment, tester
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All kinds of resilient floor and laminate floor special testing machine, testing equipment, tester

Based on the quality concerns of consumers in European and American markets, this paper introduces the corresponding "special testing machines, testing equipment and testing instruments for various resilient and laminate floors", and will add matching schemes and suggestions shared from the perspective of Chinese domestic demand in the later stage.

Europe and the United States as the main market consumption intensity of all kinds of elastic floor and floor, is also the first to the development of the market, requirements and testing methods of flooring products are relatively diverse and rich, this is from some big brands floor manufacturer first to expand the market is Europe and the United States market to witness, so all kinds of elastic floor and aggrandizement floor dedicated testing machine, testing equipment, test instrument have? We share the following mainly from the equipment that consumers first pay attention to, which is also the common equipment used by current testing units and floor dealers of first-line brands:

1. The practical durability and anti-destruction of the floor are matched with the equipment for detection points:

Is state BA - B10S typical equipment, for example: floor trundle resistant effect tester (aka floor trundle tester, castor friction resistance durability testing machine, floor floor trundle testing machine, floor trundle testing machine, etc.), and martindale abrasion tester, Taber abrasion tester, shakeout abrasion tester, resistance tester, hardness tester, etc.;

Residual sag equipment, take BANG BA-B10D as an example of automatic residual sag testing machine (also known as automatic residual indentation testing machine, automatic residual sag testing machine, indentation testing machine, etc.)

2, to the floor installation and use stability for matching:

Normal temperature dimensional stability and square integrity, straight Angle test platform, high and low temperature dimensional change measurement system (namely online thermal expansion and cold contraction characteristics test equipment), COE measuring instrument, constant temperature and humidity box, oven, water bath, etc.

3, with the floor safe use of the environment as the key point of monitoring the matching equipment are:

Formaldehyde release test box, VOC release test box and all kinds of components quantitative qualitative analyzer;

4, color fastness aging matching equipment are:

Solar aging test box (also known as xenon lamp aging test box), ultraviolet aging test box, expansion coefficient tester, etc.

In summary, some of the key testing machines, testing equipment, testing instruments are listed according to the market demand in Europe and The United States. For detailed specifications and implementation standards, see the relevant specifications and program data of BANG.

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