Electric vehicles and stroller series test equipment recommended
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Electric vehicles and stroller series test equipment recommended

Electric vehicles and stroller series test equipment is to detect its strength, stability, fatigue life and protection performance as the main set of test equipment, electric vehicles and stroller manufacturers, testing units, scientific research units essential test equipment.

Among them, static load strength test equipment is to test the overall structure, handrails, skeletons, foot support, tilt rod and other parts of the implementation of specific pull pressure assessment of its structure is abnormal or damaged.

Stability testing equipment is mainly to evaluate the operational stability of electric vehicles and strollers, that is, safety performance is essential for testing projects and equipment.

Fatigue life test machine is based on the detection of electric vehicles and stroller transmission system and operating system fatigue durability and its life, with the corresponding analysis and control system real-time analysis of product life status, fatigue life testing is the most core link of product development and quality control.

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