Smart APP computer version single-seat three-seat sofa durability tester
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Smart APP computer version single-seat three-seat sofa durability tester


Whether it is the traditional test or the establishment of advanced intelligent laboratory, intelligent APP computer version is an important part of it, intelligent APP computer version of single-seat three-seat sofa durability test machine is one of the typical representative products, the industry is the only, but also the current experimental instrument series of important innovation and transformation of the road, especially in the economic field of industrial upgrading and transformation process, is a key initiative and important development trend.

Take Zhengbang Intelligent APP computer version single-seat three-seat sofa durability test machine as an example, the use of intelligent three-axis coordination can be the largest range of fully automatic to meet single-seat, three-seat and multi-sofa comprehensive performance test, and with the computer measurement and control system can achieve online curve generation, report editing, document output and many other editing and efficient test methods, and then with the APP remote measurement and control system can be anywhere to test a full range of tests, improve test efficiency, save test staff time and work time limit.

Insist on continuous innovation, with the most advanced scientific reliability intelligent products to serve users, service to the community is Zhengbang Testing Equipment Co. , Ltd. pay attention to professional beliefs and norms. Smart APP computer version of the three-seat sofa durability tester is also an important part of building a smart fully automatic high-efficiency furniture laboratory, in line with the corresponding standards, but also combined with product functions, performance needs of higher more flexible and more accurate supporting test system and detection functions. Relevant technical confirmation and communication, technical information access, through the mail feedback to obtain effective help.

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