Fully automatic sofa test instrument (intelligent APP control)
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Fully automatic sofa test instrument (intelligent APP control)

The traditional function single control old-fashioned sofa test instrument can no longer meet the needs of modern sofa testing technology innovation and development, for this reason Zhengbang testing equipment company from innovative detection technology, improve the integration of the key to complete the high-efficiency testing method, reduce labor costs, to achieve intelligent remote measurement and control of several aspects of innovation can be intelligent APP control of a set of automatic sofa testing instruments can be intelligent APP control.

Take the BA-7100 automatic sofa test instrument (intelligent APP control) as an example, the device can complete all the test items of QB/T 1952.1 specification (thickness measurement, durability test at different stages, looseness measurement, residual looseness test, cushion hardness test, etc.) and the whole test process is fully automatic, without manual operation.

The intelligent APP control of the fully automatic sofa test instrument is combined with network remote control technology, realizing the customer's remote monitoring and control of sample test function, analyzing the quality of the sample, monitoring the test status and so on. In terms of report output, the paper is output in a graphic and lush way, which avoids the error and red tape of manual operation, and makes the test data quantifiable and more objective and accurate.

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