Smart GB 10357 series furniture testing test machine
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Smart GB 10357 series furniture testing test machine

Smart GB 10357 series furniture testing test machine is the development and design of Zhengbang automation department, with sample automatic positioning, product quality automatic analysis, remote APP measurement and control and other intelligent series functions, is to promote the unmanned intelligent high-end laboratory one of the main products.

Take BA-7192PC smart GB 10357 series furniture testing test machine as an example, the device in meeting the GB 10357.1 to 8 series standards on the basis of more intelligent integration of fully automatic sample delivery positioning, sample analysis and evaluation, remote control and other intelligent functions, while with online report editing and output functions, can be intuitively quantified test data, so that more objective test results data, effective to avoid human error and labor Improves test efficiency and more reliably guarantees the accuracy of test data.

In view of considering the different customer test projects and configuration convenience and flexibility, this intelligent GB 10357 series furniture testing test machine is required to combine the user's laboratory site conditions, the selection of GB 10357 series standard situation, because of customer needs, will only need to be reasonable testing projects and functions of the configuration, so in the procurement of this test machine please be please laboratory with Zhengbang testing equipment company technology technical communication and confirmation.

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