Durability Testing Machine for Automobile Gear Assembly
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Durability Testing Machine for Automobile Gear Assembly

The performance and strength of the shift bar have great influence on the comfort and safety of a car. For example, shift resistance, gear is not clear. All these will affect the grade of the car. Therefore, the performance and strength test of the gear changer are essential.

The performance strength testing machine of automobile gearshift assembly produced by Bang instrument Co., Ltd. can complete the performance tests related to gearshift assembly such as stiffness test, gearshift lever clearance test, no-load operating force test, gearshift friction test, gearshift mechanical efficiency test and travel efficiency testAnd can complete the shift lever return characteristics, parking lock mechanism strength, shift handle strength and ball button limit pin strength and other related strength test.

The gear shift assembly performance strength test equipment manufactured by Bang instrument Co., Ltd. has the characteristics of strong adaptability, accurate measurement and easy to use. The equipment can complete the test of gear shifters with different specifications and shapes, including linear automatic gear shifters, manual automatic gear shifters and manual gear shifters.

The production of equipment adopts advanced technology, reasonable design and scientific assembly technology. The precision of equipment measurement is greatly improved. The advanced technology solves the problems of the high and low drop of the gear changer in the test and the no-gravity load mechanism in the gear shifting process.


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