Floor-specific formaldehyde and VOC release test chamber (ISO 12460 and ISO16000-9)
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Floor-specific formaldehyde and VOC release test chamber (ISO 12460 and ISO16000-9)

Model: BA-VOC1000

Product Name: Floor-specific formaldehyde and VOC release test chamber

The significance and value of testing floor formaldehyde and VOC

1. To measure the harmful organic matter of the product, effectively control, improve the green safety and environmental protection of the product, establish a good and fair image of the company, and gain the advantages of global best-selling and popular, and stand out from the industry.

   2. Determine the impact of environmental variables on the material and product release rate characteristics and then determine.

   3. Classify materials and products according to VOC release characteristics.

   4. Develop and validate models that predict indoor air pollution to simulate real-world environments.

   5. Predict and analyze indoor air (IAQ) based on indoor pollutant data or predictive models.

Technical standards: ISO 12460 and ISO16000-9

Place of origin: Taiwan factory or mainland factory in BANG Instrument Co., LTD

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Floor-specific formaldehyde and VOC release test boxes are developed and designed by BANG Instrument Co., LTD according to the technical specifications of ISO 12460 and ISO16000-9. They are all kinds of flooring (such as solid wood floor, reinforced composite wood floor, three-layer solid wood composite floor, bamboo floor, etc.) Anticorrosive flooring, cork flooring, multilayer solid wood composite flooring, PVC plastic board) special formaldehyde and VOC release test box, the product BA-VOC1000 has been used in the world-renowned flooring manufacturer shawfloors,Chinafloors, NJI TIANZHEN BAMBOO FLOORING, Taizhou Huali Plastic and so on. 

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