ISO 19467-2017 Main content introduction
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ISO 19467-2017 Main content introduction

The standard full name is《Thermal performance of windows and doors -Determination of solar heat gain coefficient using solar simulator》.This document specif ies a method to measure the solar heat gain coef ficient of complete windows and doors.
The terms solar heat gain coefficient (SHGC〕,total solar energy transmittance 〔TSET〕,solar factor and g-value are all used to describe the same quantity. Small differences migh t be caused  by different reference conditions(e.g. differences in the reference solar spectrum) In this document, solar heat gain coefficient is used.
This document is designed to pr ovide solar heat gain coefficient values by standardized measuremen t method and to enable a fair comparison of different products. It specifies standardized apparatus and criteria. The solar heat gain coefficient measu r ing apparatus applied in this document includes solar simu lator, climatic chamber, and meteri ng box. Solar heat ga in coefficient values of windows an d doors with or without shading devices shall be determined more precisely by mea ns of combination betwee n calculation and measurement.
This document does not deal with the centre of glazing solar heat gain coefficient measu remen t. However, the centre of glazing solar heat gain coefficient can be measu red by either this method or cooled plate method (see Reference [12.]).

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