Determination of slip coefficient of steel plate bolt
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Determination of slip coefficient of steel plate bolt

In some plane will produce a slip phenomenon, such as flooring, steel plate, glass plate, steel plate bolt bolting surface determination of the anti slip coefficient suitable for determination of M12~ M30 10.9S high strength six hexagon head bolt and M16~M30 10.9S of torshear type high strength bolt friction type contact anti slip coefficient the.
We know that the contact surface with bolt connection between the side connected pole called bolting surface, tighten the bolt pressure between the screw rod tension or perpendicular to the surface of the bolt connection is called pre tension, the bolting surface began to slip force of sliding force, sliding force and tension of the and the ratio is what we call the anti slip coefficient.
According to the standard regulation, we will use tensile testing machine or anti slip tester to resist sliding coefficient test piece to stretch, make it slide, and at this time, the sliding force is linearly related to the sum of the pre tension force on the sliding side of the bolt surface, so we get the anti slip coefficient.
We need to pay attention to the test environment when we use the anti slip coefficient tester. It usually takes place at room temperature, that is to say, when the temperature is between 10 and 35 degrees, the specimen is placed in the test environment for two hours, and then it can be tested and the temperature and humidity are recorded. High strength bolts we will a force sensor test before (or will not be installed after pretension force sensor for retesting the same batch of torshear type high strength bolt directly into the specimen hole, or in order to ensure to can also be nail into the locating screw and tighten the bolts, marking a line for later painting observation. After the sample is installed, the parameters of the opening test machine are set up and the test is started. After the end, the anti slip coefficient is calculated according to the relevant formula.

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