Interpretation of the definition of impact load performance for structural panels
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Interpretation of the definition of impact load performance for structural panels

In the wood-based panel market, we have a strong mechanical performance, able to load and have good moisture resistance of wood-based panels. We call them artificial wood-based panels, or load-bearing wood-based panels.
There are some more important terms and definitions about the impact and load of the structure with artificial panels. Here we give a brief list of them. For example, is positioned in the floor panel or the roof panel on the upper load component of supporting function is called the support member, and a supporting member lower house edges panel or floor panel together are called around supporting, in floor or the roof panel, a supporting member is placed on the opposite side, the other side is relatively not supported no, but two pieces of connected edge supporting floor or the roof panel through the rabbet, end clamp or other similar method, called edge is not fully supported, it is the opposite of the edge supporting the floor or roof panel placed on a corresponding side supporting structure, the other side without supporting the relative.
A load problem in the test, there is a more important name for ensuring the load, mainly in a load bearing performance test using value, purpose is to ensure that the structure of the panel meet the relevant safety requirements and the structure of the normal use of the process to maintain structural integrity. The guaranteed load should be determined by both the supplier and the supplier according to the intended use, usually between the target use (or design) load and the ultimate load.

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