Recommendation of the durability tester for intelligent stool
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Recommendation of the durability tester for intelligent stool

We have to recommend an intelligent toilet comprehensive performance testing machine, today we still recommend related machines, today recommended intelligent toilet durability test machine, also known as intelligent toilet machine life test machine, the test machine in the intelligent toilet machine life for 25000 cycles, 20000 cycles for this day more than JIS4422.
The structure material of the intelligent toilet durability tester is made of stainless steel SUS304 and aluminum alloy. The simulated load test station is 1, and the load free test station is 1. The machine is easy to use, easy to operate, easy to learn, easy to learn and easy to handle, and the novice is easy to operate with PLC touch controller which can be easily programmed.
For the current intelligent toilet market, the demand is huge, and has become a trend, institutions predict 2017 intelligent toilet sales will be more than 5 million, this figure is very amazing, so for the detection of intelligent toilet industry should also very Chaoyang, as an intelligent toilet the manufacturer, detection is necessary, and for the detection of the industry, you need a group of R & D personnel to develop more in line with the market demand of the integrated testing machine! Our company has just enough human resources in this respect. We are the industry leader in R & D and production and sales. Please contact us with the demand.

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