Recommendation of a comprehensive performance tester for intelligent stool
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Recommendation of a comprehensive performance tester for intelligent stool

In the wave of AI, many industries have appeared intelligent products. These products have been popular and popular in sales. They are very popular in sales. What we call intelligent toilet today is one of them.
We sit test machine comprehensive performance standard of cleaner heating, temperature intelligent recommend (water temperature, air temperature, temperature of the seat ring), flushing performance (flushing water, flushing water pressure, anus) performance, water hammer prevention performance, anti reverse flow performance, negative pressure performance test the project, but also to meet the standard of intelligent toilet cleaning function, the standby power consumption (and the nozzle extends the recovery time, temperature response, water flow, water temperature stability, cleaning water cleaning, cleaning, cleaning, spray head area) self-cleaning performance, air drying performance (warm air temperature, air volume, air) detection of seat heating function, hydraulic performance, water hammer performance, anti reflux performance, anti siphon performance and energy consumption of the entire project, but also on the electronic toilet according to the standard Cleaning rate, power consumption of the whole machine, water pressure and flow characteristics of the flushing device, and the testing of the operation time characteristic of the nozzle.
Intelligent toilet comprehensive performance testing machine appearance, with a full range of aesthetic design, parts are made of stainless steel or other materials to ensure that the equipment Aluminum Alloy, no rust, long trouble free operation, the test equipment service life is greatly improved and has good scalability, can according to the requirements in the original system of function, give the station expansion; stabilizing system makes the test parameters control accuracy of up to 1. The testing machine with data acquisition (switching and analog), data communication and processing, manual and automatic control, alarm, parameter setting, record and chart output, provide a good man-machine interface, easy operation and observation function, can display real-time test pressure, temperature, electrical parameters such as current value and the formation of the correlation curve, also recorded in the EXCEL format to save and upload related reports. If you need to welcome calls to contact us!

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