Performance characteristics of low temperature and damp heat test box
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Performance characteristics of low temperature and damp heat test box

The low temperature and damp heat test box is also the mainstream environmental test box products, which is widely used and covers a wide range. The low temperature and humidity test chamber works at room temperature. The temperature in the box is adjustable from ten to sixty degrees, and the humidity is adjustable between twenty percent and eighty percent.
The machine adopts a completely independent Ni Cr alloy electric heating heater system, and a unit or two element low temperature loop system design, heating, cooling and humidifying system should be completely independent refrigeration system. The temperature and humidity accuracy is relatively high. The chamber is large in size, and can put down 18 high 510mm, diameter 480mm formaldehyde desiccator.
At the same time, the low-temperature hygrothermal test box is designed by double glazing and transparent glass door. There are no less than 8 temperature sensor systems inside, with temperature and humidity monitors. When the temperature deviates from the set value of + 0.5 degrees, there is an alarm system issued by the alarm system. The test box adopts a contactless equal cycle pulse width modulation, and SSR (solid state relay) is humidified. It also has water level automatic compensation and water shortage alarm system. The humidity control adopts P.I.D + S.S.R system and the same channel coordination control.
In terms of usage, the low temperature hygrothermal test box is equipped with super large screen touch display, which can display temperature and humidity in real time. It can also customize the super large observation window according to the need to facilitate the observation of the sample changes during the test. If you have this need, you can get in touch with our sales staff.

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