Recommended formaldehyde climate box for furniture plate products
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Recommended formaldehyde climate box for furniture plate products

Furniture is indispensable to the daily life of our objects, it is convenient for our life and design, but some decoration materials contain some harmful substances on human health, such as containing artificial plate and wood in formaldehyde, formaldehyde exceeding the standard in the long-term environment will cause harm to human. These products will be tested for formaldehyde before or before the furniture is made into finished products, and the qualified products can enter the market.
Here we recommend a formaldehyde climate box for furniture plank, which is mainly used for the determination of formaldehyde and volatile organic compounds in furniture and wood-based panels.
The formaldehyde climate box has a friendly man-machine interface and a large color touch screen, which can control wireless transmission remotely. The jacket structure temperature control mode is applied. The five surfaces are uniformly heated. The 0.5h achieves temperature stability, temperature and humidity reach the set point and is stable, and the time is no more than 0.5h. Equipped with the host computer, the display screen can realize automatic monitoring of temperature and humidity, and monitoring data can be exported and edited.
Formaldehyde climate box we recommend using wet and dry ratio method to control the humidity, the specific process is cold and dry air through the dehumidifier, the humidity is reduced to about 30% after filtration system after gas is divided into two parts, one for dry gas, the way into the humidifying unit, humidifying unit based on the temperature and humidity sensor humidity test chamber quantitative feedback, humidification (vaporization), then dry air and humid air and humidity are mixed into the test chamber, in order to achieve moisture balance. The humidity control range of the test cabin (30% ~ 70%), and the control precision of 3%. If you have relevant needs, welcome to inquire to understand!

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