Elastic strip fatigue test machine
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Elastic strip fatigue test machine

Today, with the rapid development of high-speed railway in China, every component on the railway must be checked and checked by layers. The components with great endurance are constantly being developed, and there are many standards about railway transportation industry.
For the fatigue test method of bullet bar type I and type II fastener, there are many kinds. How to measure the fatigue strength of the bar quickly and efficiently? We recommend a spring fatigue testing machine for everyone, the tester to meet the standard requirements, the control is flexible and high degree of automation, numerical test to set automatic shutdown, elastic strip breaking down, broken specimen automatic shutdown, shutdown can make the number of memory, and can continue to complete the test, after powrefailure can memory do the number, and can continue to complete the test.
Of course, elastic fatigue testing machine can also perform other different shapes of different types of products by different test fixture configuration, the machine counts in the range of 0-99999999, with automatic shutdown records, preset, automatic shutdown alarm, automatic shutdown protection function test piece fracture, if necessary, welcome to inquire custom!

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