Attention finishing of controlled horizontal impact test
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Attention finishing of controlled horizontal impact test

Need to pay attention to the test system of test machine by the acceleration sensor, signal acquisition and processing system, display and recording system is tested on the test machine we use controlled horizontal impact, should be able to display and record the inspection samples subjected to impact acceleration time history, while testing the system has enough acceleration range, overload phenomenon does not appear in any impact point.
It is the machine with load check device and pulse program device, simulation device and test samples of the same or similar or in the simulation test in the package in the rear of the vehicle by the load device known so far to load control device, impact testing machine produced by pulse parameters such as pulse wave, peak acceleration and duration of the device called pulse program device.
The level of impact testing machine testing system frequency response measurement frequency is at least 20 times, in the measuring range, the accuracy of the testing system is less than 5%, the technical indicators of the test system should comply with the relevant provisions, when necessary, change impact velocity determination using machine trolley additional equipment, measuring the change of the speed of accuracy should be. Less than 5%. The test sample is subjected to a certain impact speed according to the predetermined state, so that the test sample is subjected to the predetermined impulse pulse generated by the pulse program device.
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