Furniture mechanical testing basic machine recommendation
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Furniture mechanical testing basic machine recommendation

We all know that the furniture mechanical test covers a very wide, and the furniture itself contains the object more, such as a desk stool, cabinet, bed, doors, drawers, test instruments of these objects is also very much, but it is not difficult, since our company production desk stool comprehensive test machine five year, get 100 percent of praise and recommendation, has been sold to Taiwan, the United States, Russia, Canada, Britain, etc..
In addition to the above desk and chair comprehensive testing machine, our company also has other multi-functional machine, here is not to say more, we briefly look at the basis of the standard and the standard machine bar, there are custom-made needs of friends can call contact us! In the test of mechanical properties of furniture, we provide comprehensive mechanical testing machine cabinet bed chairs, tables and chairs, cabinet office chair stability testing machine seat durability testing machine, office chairs, office chairs, durability testing machine static load test bench, door hinge connector fatigue durability test machine, drawer push pull test machine, door slamming over fatigue endurance testing machine, impact testing machine, plug furniture cabinet durability testing machine, testing machine, circular switch lock durability testing machine.
These test machines are made up of high quality aluminum alloy frames. By changing the number of fixtures and cylinders, the dynamic, static strength and endurance fatigue of wooden furniture such as table, bed, cabinet, chair, stool and table are tested. The machine uses compressed air as the power to drive the cylinder to the measured furniture, and the pneumatic control box should control the 12 groups of pneumatic output. The action of a single cylinder can be set up individually, repeatedly and repeatedly, and 221 groups of cooperative actions can be set and tested in the same direction and different directions. At the same time, the cylinder has a reliable effective stroke adjustment device to ensure that the cylinder has no overshoot and overshoot during the operation. The test times are set at any time between 0-999999 sets. After setting the numerical value, the machine should be stopped automatically. The test results should be kept automatically when the machine stops or power off.
Of course, the above is only part of the machine, the entire furniture testing industry is relatively large, mechanics is only the tip of the iceberg, but also such as formaldehyde VOC detection, structural stability testing, appearance detection and so on.

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