ASTM D6205-12 reference standard and correction of static friction coefficient
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ASTM D6205-12 reference standard and correction of static friction coefficient

We said today, ASTM D6205-12 standard reference in the drafting of the following criteria: ASTM D2047 ASTM, when D2825, ASTM D4103, ASTM E178, ASTM E29 and KK-L-165C, according to ASTM D2047 Standard Test Method for static friction coefficient of friction tester calibration.
This practice is written specifically for James Machines with manu al or 1noto1ized test table transport. Va1iations of this practice for the calibration of versions of James Machines which are semi-automated are obvious. Calibration practices suggested by the manufacturer of semi-automatic James Ma- chines should be followed in preference  to this practice.
It is necessary to make clear that the uneven test bench will not be able to receive accurate correction data. We must ensure that the machines are placed in a flat and open place on time. On time, two levels of leveling and vertical are required. Besides, the calibration environment needs to be standardized.
This practice is used to calibrate the Ja1nes Machine for determin ation of static coefficient of friction of polish surfaces in accordance with Test Method D2047. Over considerable time and repeated use the James Machine may tend to mechanical rnisalignment , giving self-evident, anornalous readings. The periodi caccumulat ion and comparison of data generated by this practice prov ides an indication of when the nlachi ne is no longer within the calibration limits and can no longer be expected to provide accurate and reliable data.
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