Automotive torque tester
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Automotive torque tester

In our usual test in various parts of the torsion, plug, switch and other items are essential for the car, the daily means of transport, it is related to a lot of test car households and companies at the time of test is in need of special attention.
Automobile torsion usually refers to the engine's torque size, the stress value of acceleration and vehicle related, and climbing, load capacity (load capacity is concerned, the chassis set) it is easy to understand is that different engine designs will have different characteristics of torque output, some engine is low speed large torque force, some high speed torque is large, there are some turbocharged output characteristics of plateau type torque in full speed range of large torque, in general use, many cars running at low speed in the urban areas, or on the highway to do high speed when the engine running at low speed, so the low speed high torque of the engine, the most suitable for daily use. However, for high speed racing vehicles, more emphasis is placed on high speed and large torque engines.
Automobile torsion test machine has many advantages, such as test conditions can be set, the test results can be stored, high precision, direct torque can test each angle variation (Fig. torsion angle curve), and display the torsion angle curve and the torque attenuation lifetime curve, at the end of the test can store and display graphics (torsion angle curve and the torque attenuation lifetime curve, inspection report) and edit print, test direction (forward stroke, positive rotation travel + return, reverse travel, travel + reverse return, positive rotation travel + reverse travel + is to return) can choose according to need.
In the test of automobile engine torque, which can measure the torque value by the engine torque and horsepower is quick turn out, so the torque and horsepower is obtained in the same test, horsepower is the power, in rotation, torsion strength, speed and speed, so the horsepower is the speed and torque of engine product. But it involves the conversion between unit and rotation and linear motion, so the detailed formula is not listed here.

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