ASTM G48 regulations on corrosion test methods for alloy products
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ASTM G48 regulations on corrosion test methods for alloy products

The stainless steel and related alloys ferric chloride pitting and crevice corrosion Standard No. ASTM G48, Testing in ferric English name for "chloride solution allows a quick assessment of pitting corrosion resistance of stainless steels", the need to use the machine with salt fog corrosion test box, constant temperature and humidity box, of course, this is only for this one the test. Additional tests are needed for other tests on alloy products.
Usually the sample is 2.5cm*5cm in size and the sample will be accurate to millimeters. Since both C and D are critical temperature tests, it is necessary to calculate CPT and CCT of the sample according to the sample composition, and then conduct an experiment every 5 degrees until there is no pitting corrosion or crevice corrosion. Each temperature needs to be tested with 3~5 parallel samples. The average sample needs 15 temperature points at most, and the total sample number is between 45~75.
ASTM G48 requires drilling at the center of the sample to allow the blessing of the crevice corrosion fixture, a single test of each temperature point for 72 hours, and each sample must be individually tested at each temperature point. If you need the relevant test machine, welcome to inquire about the purchase!

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