Artificial weathering test box for outdoor wood, recommended
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Artificial weathering test box for outdoor wood, recommended

We recommend the outdoor device for wood finishing artificial aging test box containing fluorescent UV lamps, condensation and water spray on outdoor wood coating on the surface of artificial aging effect, make the finishing surface exposed to a radiation exposure or exposure time, or make one or several properties of coating on the surface of a certain degree of change. Suitable for outdoor use, wood finish, surface aging test.
Under specified conditions, to wetting sample by heating tank produces condensation or spray condensation, should ensure that the test box in the air sample back cooling, spray can be intermittent or continuous spray, and through the blackboard thermometer to measure and control the temperature test box, temperature test box for room temperature to 80 DEG C, accuracy - 3 DEG C, the blackboard thermometer should be exposed and the samples under the same conditions, sample holder by placing the specimen made of corrosion-resistant material.
In addition, for example, between the film and the coated surface (by physical or chemical adsorption) with the degree of fastness called adhesion, the film surface due to the degradation of one or more base paint and pigment decomposition, while showing a loose adhesion phenomenon is called fine powder, one or more coating from the coating or coating substrate completely out of the phenomenon known as spalling, by surface aging caused by holding membrane appearance change is cracking crack. For further details, please contact us!

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