Regulations on polyurethane sponge test items in ASTM D 3574
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Regulations on polyurethane sponge test items in ASTM D 3574

In our life, polyurethane foam is widely used, such as automobiles, furniture, household appliances, leather, shoes, building insulation paint, accessories and other industries, more professional interpretation is lower than that of low density PU foam density below 18 kg/m3 are called polyurethane sponge.
ASTM D3574 test project on polyurethane sponge to do a specified compression stress, the specified static pressure compression thickness and constant stress, deformation loss (fixed compression ratio) compression permanent deformation, compression strength, tensile strength, thermal aging, heat aging, density etc.. Because the heat inside the foam is not easily distributed, the temperature automatically increases over 180 degrees during the foaming process, which will lead to spontaneous combustion of foam and cause fire hazard. Therefore, we also need to do flame retardant test.
In the test project and some precautions, such as sample size specified compressive stress compression ratio is not less than 380 x 380 x 100mm, specify the compressive stress of the thickness of the test is finished or need from the cushion cut out 380 x 380mm x thick sample. The compressive strength and the sample size for compression permanent deformation shall be no less than the standard size 50 * 50 * 25 mm. For more information, please follow the related articles! Division I production and sale of foam compression testing machine, foam tensile strength tester, foam fixed load, fixed stroke constant compression testing machine, welcome to buy!

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