Precautions for the safety net impact testing machine
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Precautions for the safety net impact testing machine

Today we take a look at the issues Caution! Network impact resistance test operation, before the test we need safety nets firmly tied test samples to test frame and the bottom surface of the mounting plane and the distance between the sample net plus initial sample is equal to the net drop test height, and then release the test weights to make free fall, while observing the specimen.
In the use of safety net impact testing machine, no shaking test machine, also please do not test machine is placed in the damp conditions, at the same time no matter when not directly by hand to touch the high voltage xenon lamp, test the operating personnel should wear protective clothing, wear protective gloves, to avoid hand prick or burn when placed the sample, don't touch the high pressure xenon lamp, xenon lamp is a fragile glass, when testing should be placed in the vertical box, the xenon lamp in normal work, otherwise it will shorten the service life of the xenon lamp.
After the completion of the test, test net rope, rope, the tether is not broken, the test weight is not in contact with the ground for qualified and unqualified;; a dense mesh evaluation, in section (200 * 50) mm cube cannot pass as empty tear test. The test results prior to test objects by prevail, tearing holes through the cube should not exert obvious force.

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