ISO16000 in door tvoc test
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ISO16000 in door tvoc test

ISO16000 is an introduction to the testing of organic volatile matter in the room. The test method of formaldehyde is introduced in the standard, which is focused on sampling, such as active sampling, distributed sampling, etc..
In life and work in our living environment, such as library, dining room, kitchen, hospital, school and other places, are involved in the interior, due to poor air circulation, formaldehyde, benzene and other gases with various facilities released, will produce some harm to the human body. The degree of harm of formaldehyde has been as everyone knows.
The first part of the ISO16000 general problems about sampling was expounded, the second part is the formaldehyde sampling strategy, the third part is the determination of formaldehyde or other hydroxyl compounds active sampling method, the fourth part is the determination of formaldehyde, the spread of sampling method.
The key lies in the sixth part of the standard, it elaborates a kind of volatile organic compounds in indoor air testing (VOCs) method and VOCs on divergent laboratory using building materials in the air sampling test. This method is based on the use of Tenax TA absorbent, thermal desorption and gas chromatography analysis of indoor air, concentration range for a few grams per square meter per square metre to a few milligrams, micro polar to non-polar and VOCs test. This method can also be used to analyze some volatile compounds and semi volatile compounds.

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