EN14351.1 Load-bearing capacity of safety device
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EN14351.1 Load-bearing capacity of safety device

EN14351.1 standard is mainly for the fire and smoke control characteristics of the window as well as outside the door, the standard emphasizes its test items and evaluation criteria, to detect whether the doors and windows qualified.
First of all, the wind pressure test, used to detect whether the use of doors and windows will cause deformation or damage due to the impact of the wind. The window is divided into the sealing test, water tightness test and tightness test, water tightness test is simulated under windows when there is no rain water leakage, air tightness test is used to detect the wind pressure in the lower if there is leakage phenomenon. Thirdly, the strength test and impact test of the door and window components are used to judge whether the parts of the door and window are loose, scattered and damaged under the action of external force or impact. Finally, the toxicity test of raw materials for doors and windows, such as formaldehyde emission, preservatives, lead content, etc..
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