ISO16546:2012 freeze-thaw test
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ISO16546:2012 freeze-thaw test

ISO16546:2012, the main provisions of the determination of continuous circulation conditions on the mechanical properties of products and the effect of moisture content of equipment and procedures, conditions for the -20 ℃circulation drying conditions to 20℃ soaking conditions, suitable for heat insulation products, mainly in order to simulate the freezing thawing on the effect of thermal insulation products are often exposed to low temperature environment in the water to drink, for example inverted roof is in the underground and unprotected insulation products, but not for insulation products all oh, this little we should have a clear understanding. Standard reference ISO16535, ISO16536, ISO29469, etc..
So how to determine the thermal insulation of the antifreeze performance? We use the frozen environmental test chamber, the temperature will be maintained at around -20℃, according to the ISO16536 diffusion absorption test, and then according to ISO16535 is soaked in water absorption test, the ability to measure products with water absorption and compression performance change of offset repeated immersion freezing.
In addition to the frozen environment testing case we said, also need the water storage tank can, not less than 0.1 grams of precision electronic balance, and the provisions of the ISO29469 compression testing machine, sample preparation and test process in detail we will say no more, interested friends can call on.

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