Cabinet reliable performance testing machine recommended for EN 14749
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Cabinet reliable performance testing machine recommended for EN 14749

When in the formal implementation of the EN14749-2016 standard, we recommend a standard fits this test machine for everyone, we call the cabinet reliable performance testing machine, the specific parameters of test machine here is not posted, need friends can inquire for.
We need to first understand the standard specifically what requirements now. The standard name for the "Chinese furniture and kitchen equipment and storage cabinets. Safety requirements and test methods", from the name we can understand, this is the main standard test method for safety requirements about furniture cabinets and related standard, relates to the general safety requirements, shelf, shelf support shaft, door, sliding door, retractable door wing components, and at the top of the table, overload and other parts of the vertical impact test and stability test.
A branch of the cabinet reliable performance testing machine Zhengbang inspection equipment limited company belongs to furniture decoration industry testing equipment, which also includes the cabinet cabinet drop test machine, impact tester, static pressure cabinet load testing machine, testing machine cabinet cabinet structure stability, formaldehydeemission test box, cabinet mechanical performance test platform, comprehensive durability cabinet test machine and so on, welcome to inquire!

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