The latest windows and lock test machine
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The latest windows and lock test machine 

In Chinese, various standards are constantly improve and establish a sound, there are many standards have been unable to meet the upgrading of products, so the relevant departments of development in line with market standards, according to these standards, we improved the original machine, the machine meets the new standard requirements, welcome to inquire order!
The doors and windows of the test, we have the durability testing machine to complete the test window, the door switch is different in different ways, such as furniture, doors, door opening and closing lateral, vertical opening and closing door and drawer, keyboard tray, a bond with the corresponding sliding door durability members. The test machine is specially used for durability test of sliding member; of course, the market is flooded with many other forms such as door, door, door main function is to complete the production test machine Zhengbang door door durability test and durability test cabinet.
The corresponding lock test, plug testing machine has been in the market after the storm test for many years, is one of the manufacturers deeply loved products. Today we want to say is the lock bolt device strength and durability testing machine, this product is used to complete the design of Zhengbang lock / cabinet bolt device durability test interlock test, push and pull strength test component lock strength test and lock / latch.
Bond market oriented, with the standard as the criterion, to solve customer needs for the purpose, to build Southern China region and even the whole country, global quality testing equipment manufacturers, to provide the best quality service for every customer!

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