Recommended testing equipment for determination of formaldehyde in plywood
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Recommended testing equipment for determination of formaldehyde in plywood

At present, many furniture will use plywood of this material, because the material reason to test the formaldehyde content exceeds the standard at the time of purchase, it is best not to buy, because the formaldehyde harm to the human body. How to detect the content of formaldehyde? We need to test the test equipment to a certain extent.
Usually, you will use the test of formaldehyde detector of this kind of small test instrument, but according to the requirement of high precision manufacturers, scientific research units, quality inspection units, large formaldehyde climate box will purchase professional. Today we recommend a formaldehyde climate box affordable and easy to use, the chamber in line with international standards that can facilitate accurate determination of formaldehyde content in plywood, also can test a lot of material in plywood outside, such as wooden furniture, floor and so on.
Zhengbang testing equipment Co. Ltd production of different types of formaldehyde climate box, testing a wide range of materials, welcome to buy!

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