List of test standards for fire protection materials
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List of test standards for fire protection materials

Fire, for human offer a warm, cooked food, made great contributions to the health of human beings, but it also for the human bring many disasters, let a lot of people and animals in the fire killed, destroy forest, construction etc.. How to use fire for the benefit to decrease human disaster is each earth people are concerned about the problem. Therefore, study of human developed a lot of fireproof material, and to these materials made a series of testing standards to regulate the market of this kind of material.
Perhaps you will ask: what is the fireproof material? Fireproof material, just as its name implies is fireproof material, this kind of material in our daily life can be seen everywhere, such as fire board, fireproof door, fireproof glass, fireproof coatings package, the fire prevention materials to a certain degree of protection that we are not encroached on fire. For example, fire door points for wooden fire door, steel fire doors and stainless steel fire door, the fire door is usually used for firewall opening, staircase entrance, the evacuation aisle, pipeline well opening parts of fire compartment, reducing fire loss plays an important role.
Fire related standards are mainly:
Combustion performance test of GB/T 5464 building products - non - burning test (ISO IDT 1182)
GB/T 5907 fire safety vocabulary second part: fire test term (ISO mod 13943)
Fire resistance test method for GB/T 7633 doors and shutters
Test method for Combustible Properties of GB/T 8626 building materials
Determination of combustion properties of GB/T10707 rubber
Determination of properties - radiation source method of combustion GB/T 11785 paving materials (IDT ISO9239-1)
Fire resistance test method of GB/T 12513 glass component
Fire resistance test method for GB 12955 fire doors
Fire resistance test method of GB 14102 fire shutter
Test method for combustion heat value of GB/T 14402 building materials (ISO NEQ 1716)
GB 15763.1 building safety glass: Part 1: fire resistant glass
Fire resistance test method for GB 16809 fire window
GB/T 20284 building materials or products of the monomer burning test (SBI) (EN13823 IDT)
Test method for refractory properties of GB/T 24573 vault and file doors
13501-2 EN fire resistance performance of EU building products and components, part second: classification of fire resistant test data for ventilation equipment
Fire tests of building structures and materials for UL 263
EN45545-2 rail transit fire test
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