Durability Testing Machine for Automobile Gear Assembly
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Durability Testing Machine for Automobile Gear Assembly

Gear lever is also known as automobile gearshift controller. It is one of the main parts in automobiles. It's an operator used to change the transmission power of an automobile engine.

Durability Testing Machine for Automotive shift lever Assembly Produced by Bang instrument Co., Ltd. is mainly used for durability testing of automobile shift lever. The tester is powered by a servo motor. Using PLC Control, Simulate the Action of Gear Rod in Daily Use. Thus, the performance of the shift lever assembly can be tested.

The test machine is designed according to the relevant test of the technical conditions of the automobile gearshift control device. At the same time can complete straight line and broken line type shift lever transmission test. Programming different test methods according to different gears, And each test method can be saved. Previous test methods can be quickly invoked, Convenient and easy to use.

At the same time, the durability tester for automobile gearshift can also be equipped with constant temperature and humidity test box.Simulating Different Temperature and Humidity Environment and Low Temperature Environment, To make the test more effective.


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