Leading international manufacturer of floor testing equipment
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Leading international manufacturer of floor testing equipment

1.Before introducing the leading international manufacturer of floor-specific testing equipment, let us introduce what is the special testing equipment for flooring?

The special testing equipment for flooring is the floor-type special floor caster wear test, automatic residual recess, formaldehyde VOC release test chamber, dimensional deformation, light stability and various physical properties, mechanical properties test equipment and equipment, is the floor industry Testing equipment and testing equipment that cannot be replaced in various types of flooring industry testing equipment.

2.This series of products is one of the leading international manufacturers of floor-specific testing equipment: one of the representative businesses of “BANG Instrument Co., LTD. BANG Instrument Co., LTD is also helping the flooring industry to develop into “high-tech and high-tech” from “Made in China 2025”. Manufacturers, R&D producers of key test instruments and equipment for scientific, high-quality upgrades, optimization, and breakthroughs.

3.As a leading international manufacturer of floor-specific testing equipment, Zhengbang has long been committed to “Assisting the intelligent manufacturing of the flooring industry, intelligent measurement and control, monitoring quality and improving production processes”, and continuously enriching the floor testing equipment to be more scientific, advanced and intelligent. Diversification, and as a focus to continuously create, upgrade and optimize the establishment and shaping of the “Zhengbang” brand and become the most well-known international brands and international manufacturers and service providers.

 4.In the industry, Zhengbang constantly optimizes itself, continuously supplies better products and measurement and control technology to its customers, and continuously innovates and inherits the responsibility, obligation and service of leading international manufacturers' application of floor-specific testing equipment. Contribute to the creation of intelligent overall measurement and control solutions and the development of measurement and control technologies.


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