NALFA L01 Residual Indentation Tester(2500IB)
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NALFA L01 Residual Indentation Tester(2500IB)

If you are still feeling tired and exhausted for traditional weight loading tests.
If you are still worried about the risk and uncertainty of manually loading weights.
If you are looking for a more scientific, rigorous, fully automatic and efficient equipment to replace the artificial weight loading.
If you want to improve your product, if you are very concerned about the costs and benefits of this type of test, then take a few minutes to contact the real state testing device, and you will receive products and services that are trusted and recommended by IAFIntertek,CHINA FLOORS(CFL),Tianzhen,Powerdekor,Armstrong Flooring Worldwide,Milliken,Shaw ,Interface and so on.
Taking BA-B10D as an example, we recommend a NALFA L01 Residual Indentation Tester 2500IBM) to meet the following performance and technical requirements.
1. Load range: 0-2500 IBN 1134kg) adjustable
2. Double station synchronous test (at the same time test two groups of samples)
3. Automatic mechanical testing, automatic export of test data, no manual operation
4. Curve and data synchronization display test results
5. Support cloud data preservation and transmission .
The NALFA L01?Residual Indentation Tester(2500IB)not only meets the technical requirements and specifications of NALFA L01, but also meets the technical requirements and specifications of ISO 24343-1 / 2 en 433N ASTM F1914 ASTM F970.

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