BS ISO 7176-2:2017Determination of dynamic stability of electrically powered wheelchairs
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BS ISO 7176-2:2017Determination of dynamic stability of electrically powered wheelchairs

It is impor tant to understand the dynamic stability characterist ics of a wheelch air for prescr iption and adjustment purposes. Wheelchair users and prescribers should understand the safety implications of dynamic stability,particularly when setting up seatingsystems that offer a large rangeof configurations. They should consider the environment in which the wheelchai r is to be used and the hazards that are likely in that environment while considering possible configurat ions of the wheelchair when meet ing those hazards.
This document specif ies tests for dynamic stability under a range of operating conditions with various wheelchair configurations. The effectiveness of stability controlling systems are evaluated by the pr ocedures listed in this document.
Wheelchair instability is a signif icant contributor to accidents causing injury. Consequently: it is desirable that all parties involved in the supply of wheelcha irs understand the factors that contribute to instability. Parties interested in this document could be wheelchair designers and manufacturers, prescribe rs, therapists, bu ild ing designers, public facil ity provid ers and test houses.
The purpose of this document is to define tests that will consistently demonstrate dynamic stability lim its u nder a variety of proven stability challenges. Tests are designed to revea l the effects of adjustmen ts and con figu rations.
This document will help interested  parties  define  suitable  environments  and  intended  use of the wheelchair.
Although this document does not specify requirements, it is an essential referen ce document for other documents that do specify stability.

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