The overall solution of ISO 7176-8-2014 series test equipment
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The overall solution of ISO 7176-8-2014 series test equipment

This is a wheelchair car rigorous test program, it is composed of different performance of the test equipment, the most beautiful to complete the mission we have given it, it can not only provide us with the most objective, accurate and practical test data. We can also monitor the quality of products and develop products to provide the most convincing proof.
The program includes static load test machine, drop tester, double stick fatigue tester, impact tester and test dummy. Each device has rich functions to meet the test needs of various types of products.
Taking the Multi-drum test machine as an example, it can not only test the electric wheelchair car, but also can test the manual wheelchair car. It has the function of one-button switch, and not only can automatically adjust the wheel spacing of the wheelchair. It can also automatically judge the test results and stop.
If you are still puzzled for finding qualified suppliers? If you are more strict and prudent in testing equipment, please give me a chance to communicate. We will share with you the products, technologies and services that are worth your trust, and create value for you to save energy and labor.

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