ISO 4918 and ASTM D6962 Roller Castor Chair Tester
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ISO 4918 and ASTM D6962 Roller Castor Chair Tester

ISO 4918 and ASTM D6962 Roller Castor Chair Tester is the most trusted and recommended product for Intertek, interface, milliken. In the development of ISO 4918 and ASTM D6962 testing machines, we know the adverse impact that unqualified suppliers have on the industry and their customers, and we understand the importance of carpet product quality and credit in terms of development and market impact.
If you are still time and energy spent by unqualified suppliers, you are still being tested and victimized by unqualified suppliers with your trust and product reputation, and you are still worried about assessing qualified suppliers, BANG Instrument Co., LTD look forward to sharing our experience to you, witness our products and services, saving you time and effort to create value for peace of mind, to create a test equipment and technology industry-leading model.

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